Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Kaafiron Ki Namaaz" Film review/ Author Nitin

Heartful thanks and best wishes to the entire team of film "Kaafiron Ki Namaaz". And Special thanks to Director Mr. Ram Ramesh Sharma & Producer Bhargav Shaikya because both have been courageous enough such that they have made this film that could be termed as film, drama, poetry & interview. Unfortunately the Censor Board of India has given a great example of its intellectuality again for a film like this and didn’t provide  certificate to it . Don’t know why ? May be they know more about creativity and the social mindset of Indian audience. I am a film lover and I know how to make, read or watch a film. Suppose I want to watch this film in theater will they care about an audience like me . May be I will have to use that phrase, “I am an angel in this cruel world.”  
The film has won best feature film, best debut Director, best screenplay, best actor awards in Ladakh International film festival and is getting good exposure all over the globe.

About the film- Film is about 2.30 hrs long with beautiful songs  ‘झलकियां’ and ‘ये रात मोना लिसा’ . The film was made in 2013 and from that time and since then has been a part of  national & international festivals. There are 4 characters in the film - one court martialed FOZY,  a writer who wants to write a book on this on this army man so that when readers complete the book and ask about this FOZY, he will reply saying the fozy was an immoral man. Third character is an assistant of writer and a “chai vala”. The best thing in film is ……….. well all aspects(like acting, dialogue delivery, costume, screenplay, bgm) best here…just chill.  This film is just like a normal discussion between people as happens in Delhi metro…People start conversations from rising prices to corruption and then switch to global warning.. uff! sorry I meant ‘Global warming’ flow with the hairs of a girl sitting nearby then discuss about the farmer suicides, scotch and whiskey and many more trivial issues.

This is such a soft running film and a bla.. bla.. kind of rough but unique discussion…… focusing on Kashmer,(Angels to jannat me hoti hai,,aur jannat to kashmeer ko kehtey hai), Gandhi, north east, Army, Mandir- Maszid of Ayodhya and porn…….
Friend if you are a film lover, you must watch this beautiful film, You must watch it because its just like chicken soup. Ohh! You are a vegetarian than its just like “Kuttu ke aatey ki roti” in fasting days.  After watching 15 minutes you will get lost in another world where you will automatically swim and move with the dialogues of film. In the end what is the meaning of title ……………….. film making requires a lot of effort and hard work.sadly, if it does not get censorship, too many people's lives are at stake.
It is an appeal to all of you to watch it and support film’s team by commenting/sharing.

Few dialogues- 1. ‘At your first time you did with male or female??’’
What ???????…off course sex…yaar.
2.‘कश्मीर में टेररिस्ट नहीं होते, मिलिटेंट्स होते हैं’.
4, “Ham angrezi bol ni saktey par hamari samajh me aati hai’

5. Calcutta is a city of hallucinations.
Special recommendation for struggler film makers, music director, sound engineers, and production designer, because more than 70% film ended on a single set.

In the end, best wishes to all the team of film.  

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