Saturday, February 13, 2016

LOVE - The perfect state of our being/valentine day/2016

Hi everyone, hope you are doing and living well with a nice vision and perfect health.

आज सजीव बना लो, प्रेयसि
अपने अधरों का प्याला
भर लो, भर लो, भर लो इनमें 
यौवन-मधुरस की हाला
और लगा मेरे होठों से 
भूल हटाना तुम जाओ
अथक बनूं मैं पीने वाला 
खुले प्रणय की मधुशाला।

                               It is February – the month of love and romance as people says but according to me love is unseasonal. Love is the phase of human being and if it is not, then must be. Every individual has his/her own definition about love & it is based on his/her experiences. Someone says that love is blind but for others love is god. Few thinkers and love guru thinks that love is nothing but hormonal kind of things but if any one want to ask me that what is my thinking about this, I just want to say that when you feel free and happiness in you all the time it is because you are in love. “Are in love” is a beautiful state of our conscience. Love is not the act of doing rather it is for being in it. Relaxing in it. And a lot of thing could be speak but I just want to say feel, feel & only feel. 

Be in love and feel it. Simply feel the moments. Let it be state of your being. Let it shaded on you till the end but in this you will have to be 100% there in this with full of reception & purity and don’t ad your observation in it. Love is not the state of thinking but it is more about feeling. And if you are going on right track you have a great chance to meet with you that who you are actually.
 If you reached the exact point of deep feelings you will realize that you are nothing. Trust me you will find this in deep love feelings. And it is not “zero state” of your being but it is exact “nothing state”. And it is so extreme and supreme that you will surprised before it you were living on periphery. Love and relationship were peripheral before it and you were very far from you.  And here in this moments you will find first time yourself, exact you & then magic will start in your life, whole universe will become your part. Hate, pain, jealousy and irritation will evaporate. And you will become pure and damn! Pure. Then life and your mind will not urge for finding love and happiness but this will become your state and you will explore it directly/ indirectly in all the directions.

Someone said that- " प्रेम जब भी तुम्हें पुकारे तो उसके पीछे चल पड़ो, यद्यपि उसके रास्ते बिहड़ और दुर्गम है, क्योंकि यदि प्रेम तुम्हें राजमुकुट पहना सकता है, तो सलीब पर भी चढ़ा सकता है। वह यदि तुम्हारे विस्तार के लिए है, तो तुम्हें तराशने के लिए भी"|

So if you are ready to be such kind of entity, have a first step and it is – try to be 100% in all acts and don’t forget to read “Absolute Love Letter”- a pure romantic and loving novel by Nitin Yaduvanshi.
Make this valentine most memorable by gifting this novel “Absolute Love Letter” to your love one.

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